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[Feat. Tom Loverro, General Partner, IVP] — If you watch CNBC, then you might recognize our next guest, Tom Loverro

Tom has helped some of the most well-known companies in technology and finance achieve market success. As a General Partner at the late-stage venture capital firm IVP, he oversees a broad portfolio that includes fintech and software companies such as Attentive, IEX, Nerdwallet, Podium and Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange that gained notoriety when it publicly listed in April 2021.

At the time, Tom was featured on CNBC’s Fast Money to discuss the IPO and share his perspective as a Coinbase investor and observer on the company’s board of directors. 

Now, in this episode of Compliance Over Coffee, Tom sits down with Ascent’s President and Founder Brian Clark to discuss:

  • Consumer adoption of digital finance (DiFi)
  • The evolving use cases for blockchain technology
  • How Coinbase and others are democratizing finance


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IVP specializes in helping management teams at later-stage companies evolve and equips them with the ideal combination of capital and strategy to realize their firm’s ultimate potential. Visit IVP’s website to learn more.

If you’re interested in venture capital and want to connect with Tom, you can follow him on Twitter @TomLoverro.

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