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Ascent RLM Platform

The first integrated, global regulatory lifecycle management platform for financial services

Ascent RLM is the only automated solution that covers the full regulatory lifecycle, integrating horizon scanning with a granular regulatory obligations inventory—all specifically tailored to your business.

Across the spectrum of regulatory activities, Ascent RLM delivers actionable insights with unparalleled efficiency. From identifying early signs of regulatory developments, to shifts in regulatory approach evidenced by new guidance or enforcement activity, right through rule adoptions and ongoing rule amendments, Ascent provides the information you need to reduce risk, drive efficiency, and reduce costs.

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Ascent RLM is composed of two integrated modules that seamlessly integrate horizon scanning and up-to-date regulatory mapping.

Horizon Scanning Tool


The next-generation, global horizon scanning tool that revolutionizes the way legal, risk and compliance teams monitor regulatory developments worldwide. Gone are the days of reading through a non-stop deluge of raw data and unorganized, duplicative regulatory reports.

AscentHorizon provides a streamlined, consolidated view of all regulatory changes from around the world that directly impact your business, saving your compliance and risk teams countless hours of manual effort.

Regulatory Compliance


Automate the regulatory mapping process to help your risk and compliance teams quickly and efficiently create a tailored inventory of your regulatory obligations.

AscentFocus powers change management with daily updates on changes to your obligations inventory. Accurate and cost effective, AscentFocus strongly positions your business to track its regulatory requirements in today’s complex, ever-changing regulatory landscape.

identify regulatory obligations
Identify and analyze regulatory obligations

Ascent RLM extracts individual obligations from oceans of regulatory text, and turns those obligations into relevant, accurate current-state regulatory requirements.

regulatory change management tools
Automate change management

Take immediate action on new and updated obligations—without spending hours sifting through regulatory PDFs. Side-by-side views of old versus new rules allow users to pinpoint applicable changes quickly, evaluate the potential impact, and pass relevant changes to policy owners.

grc management tools
Establish digitized linkage to policies and controls

Automate your internal response to regulatory changes by connecting your obligations to your organization’s compliance environment or GRC tool. Drive regulatory change management to policy owners with a complete audit trail.

Ascent RLM Platform Capabilities

horizon scanning tools
Horizon Scanning

Next-generation, global horizon scanning tool that provides a streamlined, consolidated view of all regulatory changes that directly impact your business.

rule mapping
Rule Compare

Take the pain out of regulatory changes with a side-by-side comparison of the new and former versions of a rule, with changes redlined.

regulatory obligations
Obligations Inventory

Get an automatically generated, centralized digital register of your firm’s regulatory obligations for a single source of regulatory truth.

scenario planning software
Scenario Planning

Know the compliance obligations that will apply in any acquisition or expansion with Ascent’s powerful scenario planning tool.

grc audit
Audit Trail

Know exactly where you stand in the event of an audit with comprehensive tracking of every activity.

policy compliance management
Policy & Controls Mapping

Map obligations to internal policies, procedures, and controls by connecting Ascent seamlessly with leading GRC tools.

Ascent RLM increases the efficiency of your legal, risk, and compliance processes

grc compliance tools

Navigate Complexity

Ascent empowers your legal, risk and compliance teams to quickly identify rule changes and obligations relevant to your business.

Drive Efficiency

Ascent RLM automates manual work to save time, reduce costs, and free risk and compliance teams to focus on critical work, such as impact analysis and policy management.

Gain Targeted Regulatory Intelligence

Rapidly pinpoint the documents that impact your obligations, and how your obligations are impacted, along with supporting information, such as before-and-after document comparisons.

Achieve Defensible Compliance

Protect your company with complete “traceability.” Meticulously track every activity from regulations to obligations to policies and procedures — to demonstrate compliance to auditors or the board.

Global Regulatory Coverage Bundles Built for Your Industry


Banking leaders cite regulatory compliance as one of their most pressing challenges. Ascent helps you mitigate risk while keeping costs down so you can focus on doing better business.

Consulting & Advisory Firms

Create work product more efficiently to enhance the value of your consultation services.


Gather all your state and federal requirements in one place, down to the smallest detail, and surface only what you need to do to remain compliant.

GRCs & Compliance Technology

Gather all your customer’s state and federal requirements in one place, down to the smallest detail, and surface only what you need to do to remain compliant.

Navigate the regulatory lifecycle with confidence

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