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Next-generation, global horizon scanning that automatically pinpoints the regulatory developments that impact your business.

Identify Only the Relevant Regulatory Changes

AscentHorizon revolutionizes the way legal, risk and compliance teams monitor regulatory developments worldwide.

AscentHorizon eliminates reading through a deluge of raw data and unorganized, duplicative regulatory reports to identify relevant regulatory changes. Instead, you get a targeted view of the regulatory changes that directly impact your company, saving your organization hours of manual effort.

Advanced filtering capabilities by region, industry, regulator, and topic aligns horizon scanning results with your business needs.

Why continue to search through countless documents to find relevant regulatory information when this critical information can be pushed to you automatically? With AscentHorizon, you can be confident that your team spends less time on screening and searching, and more time on analysis and implementation.

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Automated Change Management Empowers Your Organization to Act Faster

AscentHorizon eliminates time-consuming, tedious work by collecting regulatory activities and updates from around the world and identifying which of those apply to your business. Instead of having legal, risk and compliance teams bogged down searching for the next regulatory change, they can act immediately on strategically implementing new and updated obligations.

AscentHorizon automatically extracts and delivers updates based on your obligations inventory, which contains the precise regulatory requirements that impact your company today. Users can also generate “what if” profiles to evaluate the regulatory landscape for new business lines or expansion into new geographies.

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AscentHorizon has you covered – worldwide

AscentHorizon provides comprehensive coverage of financial services regulatory bodies worldwide. With our extensive reach, you’ll gain valuable insights into evolving regulations across diverse jurisdictions, empowering informed decision-making on a global scale.

Power Your Regulatory Journey

Continuous monitoring

of financial services regulatory sources.

Delivers search results

driven by your obligations inventory.

Automated daily alerts

of relevant regulatory updates and rule changes.

Advanced search functionality

to set up and save multiple searches to enhance productivity.

Workflow tools and templates

for efficient information flow, task management, and reporting.

  • Synchronize regulatory lifecycle management by integrating horizon scanning, change management, and obligations inventory for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Stay ahead of regulatory shifts, enabling preparation for future changes.
  • Plan adjustments to policies and procedures in advance, ensuring readiness for upcoming regulatory requirements.
  • Minimize regulatory risk and adopt an active compliance stance.

Learn how to achieve these benefits and more – speak with an Ascent solution specialist.

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