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Our Data

There’s nothing we take more seriously than the quality and accuracy of our data. With the highest standards in model design and maintenance, we help you create certainty in an uncertain world.

How do we transform raw data into something useful?

What makes Ascent so powerful is our ability to extract individual obligations from an ocean of text, then accurately map them to your business. To do so, we combine proprietary models with expert QA and internal tooling, which allows us to dramatically accelerate this process while maintaining extremely high quality. As we accumulate more expert-reviewed data, our models continue to get smarter and even more accurate over time.

How accurate is our output?

What compliance professionals know is that the size of regulatory data that exists in the world is too large, and regulation changes too quickly, to ever know with 100% certainty every detail of every word across all regulators. But with Ascent, you can get closer than ever. Our output has a higher accuracy rate than even an army of consultants and lawyers. 

How do we manage model risk?

From day one, we have invested in building a robust model risk management framework, established on many of the same guiding principles that financial firms follow when using quantitative models like credit risk models. We follow documented standards and testing protocol, validate our models with independent teams, and use a model inventory to carefully manage every change management process.

Turn compliance into a competitive advantage

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