About Our Team

Innovation meets integrity

Together our team is building a new kind of technology, one that promises to drastically change how businesses comply, forever. It’s a groundbreaking new way to navigate the world of regulatory compliance more quickly, efficiently, and most important of all, reliably.

We’re a team of compliance officers, lawyers, data scientists, and technologists committed to helping businesses thrive by reducing the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance.


Brian Clark

Founder & CEO

Arbela Takhsh

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Heine

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Doyle

Chief Technology Officer

Spencer Allee

VP Data Science

Subha Sriram

VP Customer Product Delivery & Support

Asha Sarode

VP Regulatory Intelligence

Dan McKelvey

VP Finance

Kristopher Craw

Director, Automation Products

Sunkanmi Olaleye

Software Developer

Seun Adekunle

Software Developer

Scott Fullman

Machine Learning Research Lead

Nurudeen Ibrahim

Software Developer

Franklin Ajaps

Software Developer

Rachel Riordan

UX Designer

Michael Eboagu

Quality Assurance

Abdulfatai Aka

Software Developer

Daniel Conrad

Engineering Manager

Chris Singer

Software Engineer

Patrick Lambros

Senior Regulatory Intelligence Analyst

Riley Maloney

Research Analyst

Max Joubert

Regulatory Intelligence Analyst

Yesenia Vega

Reference Documents Analyst

Sukhpal Kooner

Regulatory Intelligence Associate

Jonathan Michael Crowley

Regulatory Intelligence Analyst

Alexandra Lehr

Regulatory Analyst

Jesse King

Regulatory Intelligence Analyst

Sydney Worsham

Regulatory Intelligence Analyst

Wesley Heap

Regulatory Analyst

Shubhangi Jain

Regulatory Intelligence Analyst

Craig Novack

Account Executive

Annie Eser

Account Executive

Vanessa Yeh

VP Marketing

Maria Phillips


Sarah Samuels Taylor

Chief of Staff

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