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A community of shared values

Ascent is All of Us

Our shared values have been a guiding light at Ascent from the very beginning. We believe in the power of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team, and that each of us has a role in making the world a better place.

The best communities enrich us through belonging and growth. At Ascent, we live this ideal by actively weaving our values into the fabric of the company. It’s a commitment we make to ourselves and to each other, and review on a regular basis. Together, we’re proud to nurture and cultivate a kind, resilient, brilliant community.

Our Commitment to DEI

Education & Training

DEI is the responsibility of every Ascent team member. We host regular education and training events to raise awareness and competency around key issues that impact our team and the communities around us.


Representational diversity is a critical part of our vibrant community. We systematically work to identify any biases that may hamper our recruiting efforts to ensure that we attract the best talent from all backgrounds.

Employee Experience

We want our team to be able to focus and excel in their roles. We carefully craft supportive policies and benefits, routinely review pay equality in our compensation packages, and enable growth through our career frameworks.


We believe that each of us is an ambassador for DEI, and our dedication to our values extends beyond the walls of Ascent. We regularly host fundraisers and events to support our extended communities.

Meet Ascent’s DEI Committee

The DEI Committee leads many of our efforts as we continue developing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

Ascent DEI Committee

[PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT] Yesenia Vega, Junior Software Developer (Ascent); Balaka Das, Regulatory Knowledge Analyst (Ascent); Jonathan Crowley, Regulatory Change Manager (Ascent); Ken Gass, Senior Software Engineer (Ascent); Lisa Alvarado, Managing Director (Holistic); Chris Doyle, Chief Architect (Ascent); Tom Alexander, Co-Founder & CEO (Holistic); Gillian Pena, Associate Consultant (Holistic); Carrie Pinkham, VP of People (Ascent); Ashia Lang, Technical Project Manager (Ascent)

DEI Events at Ascent

The DEI Committee regularly hosts events to raise awareness and support. Here are a few that the committee has hosted so far:

  • Women’s Day panel
  • LGBTQ+ Pride trivia 
  • Shuffleboard competition for DEI charities
  • Microaggression and Microinclusion training 
  • Anti-Racism Training: Foundations of Systemic Racism
  • Inclusive Recruitment Training: Best Practices for Building a Diverse Team
  • And much more!
Ascent DEI Shuffleboard Competition Charities
Ascent DEI Shuffleboard Competition in Action

PICTURED: Ascent DEI-charity shuffleboard competition

Our Commitment to Transparency

Ascent is also proud to partner with Holistic, a people analytics firm with a lens on DEI. Holistic helps companies build diverse, inclusive, vibrant workforces by using data and analysis to attract, retrain, inspire and motivate top talent.

Holistic Training

Ascent by the Numbers

Ascent releases employee satisfaction and demographic data on a quarterly basis in an effort to create transparency and accountability. This data is captured by Holistic to ensure that the results are impartial.

Here’s how our team ranks Ascent for diversity, inclusion, and overall experience, and what our team make-up looks like today.

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