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GRC Partners

Enhance your solution. Enable compliance at every organizational touchpoint.

Why partner with Ascent?

Partnering with Ascent helps organizations up-level their compliance operations, mapping compliance requirements to internal controls, policies, and procedures, and enabling compliance at every organizational touchpoint.

Empower clients and customers

The Ascent integration removes the need for manual tracking and analysis of regulatory websites. Compliance teams save time and resources as AI-powered tools automatically identify and flag rules and rule changes applicable to specific business units. When regulatory rule changes occur, obligations are automatically updated, alerting the user to assess the impact and take necessary actions.

Get Started

Ways to partner

Ascent’s delivery of targeted rule updates and obligations for financial firms can be consumed directly in the Ascent front-end platform, or in the customer’s existing systems via API.

Traditional integration

Connect seamlessly between Ascent’s regulatory knowledge set and the customer’s GRC or other compliance workflow systems.

Incorporate into core offering

License and configure Ascent’s data feed directly into your core offering.

Benefits of partnership

New revenue stream

Incorporate Ascent and enhance your platform without dedicating resources to build from scratch.

Platform differentiation

Outpace the competition by integrating Ascent’s compliance software into your product or service offerings.

Our partners include:

Provides a platform for enterprise risk management, third-party risk management, and Cyber risk management.

Gathers organizational risk data and analyzes it in context—revealing the true business impact within every risk.

Simplifies risk management and regulatory compliance with a unified GRC platform fueled by AI and your data.

Swiftly aggregates and integrates cyber, financial, operational, and reputational risk data into a single source.

A GRC, SaaS leader that helps organizations connect insights across governance, risk compliance, audit, and ESG.