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Ascent for Financial Services

Rise above complex regulation to gain (and keep) an edge

Banking leaders cite regulatory compliance as one of their most pressing challenges. Ascent helps you mitigate risk while keeping costs down so you can focus on doing better business.

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“Ascent converted 1.5 million paragraphs of regulatory text into a series of bite-size, actionable tasks. This allowed us to quickly identify terms in the regulation that we needed to review and act upon – a process that would have taken days of manual scanning.”

Director, Large global bank

Keep your compliance environment regulation-ready

Ascent offers a unique compliance management solution that not only identifies applicable regulations, but also provides granular detail on each business unit’s obligations. Our automated system helps ensure ongoing compliance, regardless of regulatory changes or new rules.

With a continually updated source of regulatory information providing only your relevant rules, you save time and resources previously spent searching various sources for rules and obligations. You not only minimize risk, you gain efficiencies.

Benefit of Ascent for financial services

  • Deploys quickly and inexpensively
  • Provides a continuously up-to date, central repository for all compliance information—specifically federal and state level rules
  • Cuts through the clutter by providing only information relevant to your business
  • Provides the organizational and data structure for quick, efficient adaptation to new rules and rule changes
  • Automatically generates a register of your specific obligations under each rule
  • Maps compliance to policies, procedures and operations through seamless integration with your GRC tool
  • Helps you demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators

Be ready for inevitable change.

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