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Automated regulatory mapping creates a tailored digital inventory of your company’s regulatory obligations.

Automate Your Regulatory Mapping Process

AscentFocus is the cutting-edge regulatory mapping solution that helps your organization efficiently build an accurate, tailored digital inventory of your company’s regulatory obligations.

With AscentFocus, you’ll eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets and manual processes while empowering your risk and compliance teams to identify the specific regulatory requirements that impact your company. You’ll have the power to ignore irrelevant regulatory noise and focus only on regulatory updates that impact your business.

Power Your Risk and Compliance Functions
with Ascent’s Obligations Inventory

For the first time, you will be able to monitor rule changes that are relevant to your business in real time. With the AscentFocus digital obligations inventory, you can be confident that you understand your precise regulatory requirements.

Daily alerts and powerful tools enable you to analyze regulatory changes in near-real time, empowering your organization with an up-to-date picture of the regulations that apply to your company today.

Your obligations inventory automatically updates with regulatory changes.

Provides real-time insights into active obligations.

Serves up a side-by-side comparison of the new and former versions of a rule, along with supporting documentation.

Next-level Horizon Scanning, Powered by AscentFocus

AscentHorizon produces search results based on your specific regulatory requirements, as captured in AscentFocus. This linkage means that AscentHorizon will pull together all the contextual information that you need to comply with each element of your obligations inventory. In addition, any changes to your obligations inventory in AscentFocus will automatically feed into your horizon scanning results, ensuring you get one, integrated view of the regulatory landscape.

The integrated and tailored view of the regulatory lifecycle strengthens risk mitigation efforts by enabling business leaders to act strategically and think ahead, reducing the likelihood of compliance breaches and minimizing the long-term cost of compliance for your business.


Change Management Automation Helps You Move Faster

AscentFocus change management tools give you a head start in evaluating the impact of any regulatory change. For every rule change, users get a side-by-side comparison of the current and previous versions of a regulatory obligation. This enables users to quickly evaluate the potential impact of a change and pass along relevant changes for further review or action.

Digitized linkage to Compliance Policies

AscentFocus is integrated with leading GRC platforms. It automatically aligns your requirements with internal policies, procedures, and controls, for more effective, efficient policy and control management. As regulations are amended, AscentFocus automatically updates obligations and alerts GRC platform users to assess the impact of new rules and implement required actions.

Establish a Defensible Compliance Posture

AscentFocus creates a real-time audit trail of regulatory compliance activities that provide proof of compliance for internal and external audits. This audit trail serves as a robust and transparent record, offering granular insights into your adherence to regulations.

With AscentFocus, you can confidently present tangible evidence of your commitment to compliance. Be prepared for everything from internal assessments to board level reporting. You’ll also minimize risk as you respond effectively to external audits and exams conducted by regulators.

What You Can Expect with AscentFocus

Efficiently and accurately identify and manage your company’s regulatory obligations.

Provide a single source of regulatory truth for risk, compliance, legal, audit, and business.

Enable efficient change management by automatically delivering regulatory obligations and associated tasks to the right individuals.

Ensure audit readiness with documented proof of compliance.

Streamline risk identification and prioritize areas that require immediate attention.

Ensure more effective policy and control management by linking your obligations inventory with your policies and controls.

Learn how to achieve these benefits and more.

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