Your new right hand is a machine

Regulatory intelligence for a complex world.

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RegTech means intelligent assistance

Our platform helps you build, manage, and automate your compliance program. Combining modern technology with hard-won practical experience lets us reduce your risk while also making you and your team more efficient and effective.



Harness the power of automation to turn regulations into targeted intelligence that helps proactively manage regulatory risk.

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We combine decades of experience for actionable insights that are built into the platform so you can confidently lead your team forward without hesitation.

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Changes are rapidly deployed as new regulatory updates occur so you can focus on growing your company.

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Compliance is a dangerous business

We’re both your shield and your sword to protect against massive fines, enforcement actions, and regulatory delta. Move forward with confidence knowing your business is built on a strong compliance program.

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Your personal compliance cloud

The Ascent platform combines our curated intelligence with your existing processes and protocols to create a unified compliance program for your firm. With one centralized strategy to manage all your compliance activities, your whole team has access to the info they need 24x7.


Your ally for moving forward

We harness the power of machine learning to help you navigate regulatory churn. Your compliance cloud allows you to automatically operationalize changes as new regulations are implemented.

Partner with Ascent to secure your future

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