Total Confidence in Regulatory Compliance

Gain complete insight into your firm’s exact obligations and ongoing changes with targeted regulatory compliance software & intelligence.

Why Ascent?

Say goodbye to complex regulatory challenges.

  • Identifying and implementing regulatory changes
  • Highly-manual, time-intensive compliance processes
  • Scavenging for regulatory information

Ascent is the only platform that fully automates the most frustrating and error-prone components of your compliance management system — freeing you up to focus on the things only you can do.

Ascent automatically delivers your firm’s regulatory obligations, and has all the tools you need to manage a bulletproof compliance program.


Combining modern technology with hard-won practical experience lets our compliance management software provide a truly comprehensive solution.

Always Up To Date

Know exactly what you need to do in order to meet your compliance requirements, as well as to proactively manage regulatory change.

Reduce Risk

Knowledge is power. Ascent safeguards your firm and protects your reputation, helping you preserve customer trust and win in the market.

Control Costs

Drastically improve efficiency and accuracy, ultimately reducing your compliance costs. Avoid fines from enforcement and supervisory actions, MRAs, and MOUs.

Simpler Compliance Management

Never miss an important detail. Your firm’s specific obligations are converted into tasks, making it easy to manage and track your entire compliance management program.

With Ascent, I can see everything that’s happening in my compliance program. We’ve saved hundreds of hours of manual work, allowing us to spend critical time and resources on developing regulatory strategy.

Tammy Naughton Sullivan

Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director, RCM Alternatives

Gain Total Confidence in Your Compliance Program