Comply with Confidence

Ascent is the AI-driven platform that identifies your regulatory obligations and keeps them updated as rules change.

Reduce risk, avoid fines, and lower your cost to comply

Ascent catches every obligation and rule change that matters to your business. Never again worry about missing an important regulatory development.

Get Your Obligations Register Automatically

Know all your obligations, without the manual burden and added risk of human error.

Streamline Regulatory Change Management

Instantly see the impact of rule changes on your business.

Gain Transparency Into Every Obligation

Rules, regulations, and obligations are linked for maximum transparency.

Filter out the regulatory white noise.

With regulation constantly growing in volume and complexity, Ascent filters out irrelevant noise so you can focus on the rules and obligations that matter to you. 

Trusted by leading financial firms

Know your obligations inside and out, even as rules change

Combining modern technology with practical regulatory expertise lets us provide a truly comprehensive compliance automation solution.

Reduce Risk

Knowledge is power. Ascent delivers your obligations and rule changes, faster and more accurately than humans alone.

Lower Compliance Costs

Save money, time, and resources. Equally as important, Ascent helps you avoid expensive fines from non-compliance. 

Increase Efficiency

Save hundreds of hours searching and analyzing regulatory updates. Ascent does the heavy lifting so you can do more with the resources you have.

Gain Peace of Mind

Never miss an important rule update. Ascent gives you confidence in your compliance program, with fewer headaches and fewer misses.


What does it mean to automate regulatory knowledge? How does RegTech fit into your compliance program? How can you make this fast-paced digital change work for you?

You have questions. We have answers.

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