Regulatory Compliance, Simplified

The platform that automates regulatory change management, plus everything you need for complete obligations management.

Stop drowning in regulation.

Ascent tells you exactly which regulatory obligations and rule changes apply to your business. Get just this targeted knowledge or leverage the full platform for a powerful suite of obligations management capabilities.

Targeted Knowledge

Get the obligations and rule changes that apply to your business automatically.

Obligations Management

Manage all your obligations in one place for full traceability.

Auditing and Reporting

Easily demonstrate compliance with instant auditing and reporting.

Track and manage your firm’s changing obligations with ease and accuracy. Built for teams and firms of all sizes, Ascent is the industry’s leading regulatory compliance solution, driven by artificial intelligence.

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Learn more about how Ascent uses artificial intelligence to help you effectively monitor and manage your regulatory obligations.


Combining modern technology with practical regulatory expertise lets us provide a truly comprehensive compliance management solution.

Reduce Risk

Knowledge is power. Armed with the regulatory information that applies to you, you can confidently protect your firm from risk.

Avoid Fines & Penalties

Avoid expensive fines, from both formal and informal supervisory actions that can add up to put a big dent in your bottom line.  

Increase Efficiency

Save hundreds of hours searching, reading, analyzing and tracking regulations. Ascent does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Gain Peace of Mind

Never miss an important detail. Ascent helps you keep your policies current and achieve confidence in your compliance program.

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