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Ascent for Mortgage Lenders

Do more with less—cost-effectively

Don’t make your compliance team juggle multiple regulatory feeds while weeding through tons of irrelevant information to identify your compliance obligations.

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Easily identify the rules and your obligations

Ascent provides a comprehensive and cost-effective compliance solution by identifying precise mortgage and lending related regulations applicable to your business(es) and your specific obligations under those rules. The solution does so much of the work for you it saves significant time and dollars, streamlining compliance processes while minimizing risk, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring compliance even for small teams.

Benefit of Ascent for Mortgage Lenders

  • Deploys quickly and inexpensively
  • Provides a continuously up-to date, central repository for all compliance information—specifically federal and state level rules
  • Cuts through the clutter by providing only information relevant to your business
  • Automatically generates a register of your specific obligations under each rule
  • Provides the organizational and data structure for quick, efficient adaptation to new rules and rule changes
  • Reduces hours devoted to compliance tasks

Solutions for Mortgage Lenders

Ascent’s supports Mortgage Lending, Mortgage Servicing, Mortgage Origination and Mortgage Brokers through a custom compliance bundle to fit your needs; especially when you are doing business in multiple states or municipalities.

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Remove compliance from your list of worries and focus on your core business.

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