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[Feat. Matt Kelly, Founder, Radical Compliance] —

What makes compliance work? According to Matt, it’s clear roles, good tech, and the right data.

Matt has been engulfed in the world of compliance for almost two decades. He joined Compliance Week—a trade outlet that features daily news about governance, risk, and compliance— at the height of the corporate fraud scandals in the early 2000s, quickly became editor-in-chief of the magazine, and has been in the industry ever since. 

Today, Matt is the editor and CEO of Radical Compliance, where he continues to write about corporate compliance, audit, and risk management issues. He also makes hilarious (and true) memes:

In this episode of Compliance Over Coffee, Ascent President and Founder Brian Clark sits down with Matt to get his take on a variety of topics, including:

  • The rising expectations from regulators for continuous, data-driven compliance
  • What “returning to work” will mean for compliance teams
  • How to prepare for what’s to come from the OCC and CFPB

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