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[Feat. Sian Lewin, Co-Founder and Head of Client Delivery and Research, RegTech Associates] — There’s a reason why Sian Lewin is known as “The Reg Doctor” in financial services circles. Not only has Sian been responsible for risk management at major global financial firms and consultancies, she also has spent years studying and teaching about regulation, law and the politics of regulation at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Today, she is the Co-Founder and Head of Client Delivery and Research at the RegTech Associates (RTA), an organization that helps regulated firms realize the value that technology can bring to identifying regulatory obligations and managing risk better. Ultimately, in Sian’s words, this is the core of RTA’s mission: 

“[To create] certainty in financial services — a stronger and more stable financial system and also, hopefully, better outcomes for customers and investors.”

In this episode of Compliance Over Coffee, Sian shares how RTA is working to advance this mission through research like its latest project with the City of London Corporation.

Watch as Ascent President and Founder Brian Clark and Sian discuss the ethical tension between implementing regulatory obligations and needing to make money, and how to reconcile the two under a better business ethics framework without sacrificing profit.

Also in this chat:

  • The evolution of FinTech to TechFin
  • Emerging digitalization and technology trends
  • Preparing leaders for the future of regulation despite quarterly pressures

RegTech Associates brings together a wealth of industry expertise and deep quantitative and qualitative research into the global RegTech Market to help RegTech vendors grow and regulated firms manage compliance more effectively. Visit the RegTech Associates website to learn how to become an RTA member.

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