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Ascent for Regulatory Change Management

Ascent offers targeted regulatory knowledge — in other words, the obligations that are relevant for your firm, broken down in granular detail so you know exactly what you need to do to stay in compliance.

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While there are many ways that financial institutions can leverage Ascent’s knowledge to improve their compliance operations, one of the most important and common use cases is regulatory change management. Below is an overview of Ascent’s capabilities that allow you to easily surface relevant rule changes and determine how they impact your firm. 

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Regulatory Change Feed

Ascent’s regulatory change feed surfaces rule additions or amendments that are relevant to your firm. 

screenshot of Ascent's Regulatory Change Feed

Clicking on any of the document titles leads you to the full PDF of the document, which you can share with colleagues or download. Ascent’s disposition feature allows you to mark documents as in need of review by colleagues.

Screenshot of Ascent Rule Change Documents

Rule Compare

Ascent provides a side-by-side comparison of the current and previous version of the rule with the differences redlined. Easily scan the rule text and see what has changed.

Screenshot Ascent Rule Compare

Impacted Obligations

With every rule change, Ascent indicates the impact to your obligations register, showing whether you have new obligations, deleted obligations, or changed obligations due to the change.

Screenshot of Ascent Impact Analysis

Drill into the details of how your obligations have changed. Every obligation is presented at its most granular level, meaning the individual action that your firm must take (or refrain from taking) in order to be compliant. Each obligation is accompanied by crucial data such as the rule number it came from (giving you utmost transparency and traceability) and the effective date. 

Screenshot of Ascent Obligation

Narrowing your regulatory universe

Ascent provides the most relevant information at every step of the change management process, ensuring you know exactly how rule amendments impact your business. 

  • Provides all regulatory documents that include rule changes relevant to your firm
  • Synthesizes those documents into rules and shows you how the rule itself has changed
  • Synthesizes the rules into obligations targeted to your firm


Interesting in learning more about how Ascent can help you manage regulatory change more effectively? Contact us to schedule a demo or talk to a sales team member.