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digital assets

Inside the complicated world of digital assets

By Blog, Compliance Over Coffee

[Feat. Val Dahiya, Partner, Perkins Coie] — As the former Branch Chief of the Division of Trading and Markets at the SEC, Val Dahiya knows a thing or two about risk exposure and the  impact of regulatory change. Now as a Partner at global law firm Perkins Coie, Val focuses on helping broker-dealer firms comply with regulation and navigate new transactional developments such as digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain technology.

In this episode of Compliance Over Coffee, Val draws from her time at FINRA and the SEC to show how these innovations are disrupting financial regulation. Here’s a clip of what she had to say:

“Innovation moves at the speed of light. And regulation, it’s responsive. It’s reactive. It oftentimes moves at the speed of a sloth.”

Watch as Ascent President and Founder Brian Clark and Val discuss how firms can reduce their risk exposure even in the face of unprecedented change. 

Also in this chat:

  • Gary Gensler and the new Administration
  • The role of social media in regulating markets
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) disclosures

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