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[Webinar] Effectively Managing Your Regulatory Obligations Register

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Struggling to understand what your organization needs to comply with? Wasting too much time and resources scraping through regulations and building your obligation register? You’re not alone.

In this webinar, experts from LogicGate and Ascent we walk you through regulatory compliance insights and best practices to save you time and resources.

Learning Objectives

» What is the difference between a “top down” vs. “bottom up” approach to regulatory compliance?

» How do you evidence compliance, especially during a pandemic when the labor force is spread out?

» Boards are scrutinizing compliance more closely; how do you balance in-house staff, outsourcing, and technology?

» Learn how to set up a repeatable process around your compliance program to manage change & downstream impact.


  • Brian Clark, Founder and President, Ascent
  • Marc Van de Ven, Sr. Solutions Engineer, LogicGate
  • Moderated by Megan Brown, Head of Strategic Alliances, LogicGate

This webinar is hosted by OCEG (Open Compliance and Ethics Group)


About the Ascent / LogicGate Platform Integration

LogicGate Risk Cloud™ is a cloud-based platform with a suite of risk management applications that transforms the way businesses manage their governance, risk and compliance processes. Now with a powerful new integration, you can fuel your compliance program housed in LogicGate Risk Cloud™ with targeted regulatory data from Ascent. Seamlessly map your regulatory obligations and citations to your controls and P&Ps, trigger change alerts, and more. Learn more about Ascent’s API integrations here


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