Fuel your tools with dynamic regulatory data from Ascent

Seamless integrations with your GRC and other workflow tools help you streamline your compliance operation from end-to-end.

Connect regulatory data to your GRC and map it to any content

Populate your GRC or workflow tool with targeted requirements and citations from Ascent. Map them to your controls, policies and procedures.

Automate regulatory change management

Never again miss an important rule change. Ascent flows requirement additions and updates relevant to your business into your GRC for your immediate review. Easily visualize how changes affect your policies and controls.

Trigger change alerts and workflows

Use Ascent’s regulatory data (e.g. regulatory amendments) to trigger change alerts and related workflows in your GRC. Proactively prepare for regulatory changes and regulations going into effect.

Integration Partners

Ascent works seamlessly with leading GRC platforms. Contact Us to learn more.

Other Integrations with the Ascent API

Power almost any GRC with rich regulatory data. Ascent connects securely to enterprise workflow systems via API.

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