Identify the obligations and rule changes that matter to your business

Powered by expert-certified AI, Ascent rapidly and accurately identifies the obligations relevant to your business and updates them as rules change. Every obligation is linked to the rule it came from plus crucial related information, so you have everything you need to manage a bulletproof compliance program.

Your Obligations, Automatically Generated

Obligations Register
Save hundreds of hours in manually researching and analyzing regulation. Ascent delivers the obligations that apply to your business, at a fraction of the time and effort. 

Living Regulation Library
Ascent houses a living library of regulations and laws that are most important to you. Search the text by keyword or citation number.

Dynamic Updates
Static obligations cannot protect your business from rising regulatory scrutiny. As rules change, Ascent updates your obligations for your immediate review.

ING and CommBank

generated their obligations for a European regulation (MiFID/MiFID II) in 2.5 minutes, compared to 1,800 hours when done manually.

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Stay Ahead of Regulatory Change

Regulatory Content Feed
Easily view, search, and organize regulatory content. A feed of rule updates, guidance notes, speeches and other regulatory documents are centralized on Ascent.

Instant Impact Assessment
Ascent indicates whether a rule change impacts your existing obligations. See a summary of all pertinent rule changes, then drill into the details.

Rule Compare
It’s not enough to know a rule has changed, you need to know how. Text changes in a rule are highlighted line-by-line so you can quickly scan for differences.

A Global Bank

achieved 99% cost reduction and 30% time savings in regulatory change triage across the business.

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Gain 360 Degree Visibility for Every Obligation We Deliver

All-Round Context
Every obligation includes information about the rule it came from, plus guidance, clarifications, and definitions — all in one intuitive view.

Trace every obligation back to its source. Ascent is the only platform that links obligations, rules, and regulatory documents together for a fully traceable compliance flow.

Audit Trail
Easily show proof of compliance to auditors. Every activity is meticulously tracked and recorded per industry standards.

Built-in Flexibility  — Work the Way You Want

Manage Your Obligations in Ascent

Work your obligations as bite-sized, actionable tasks. Assign teammates, add notes, and track deadlines so you can make sure the right things get done.

Leverage Ascent Data via API

Using a different GRC or internal system to manage your obligations? Seamlessly connect Ascent data to other enterprise platforms via API.

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