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Are you regulation ready?

Targeted obligations? Yes. Automated change management? Yes. Mapping to your controls and policies? Yes. But beyond groundbreaking capabilities, Ascent uses AI to solve your real problem — reducing your regulatory and reputational risk, without the eye-boggling costs.

Cut through the clutter

Cut through the clutter of irrelevant regulations. Establish a single, reliable source of regulatory truth.

Stay ahead of regulations

Stay ahead of regulations by building a comprehensive register of obligations to ensure compliance.

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency and scalability by removing the need to consider or research non-applicable regulations.

Leave an audit trail

Prove compliance by tracking & recording compliance activities; easily generate proof of compliance for auditors.

Map compliance

Map compliance to internal policies, procedures, and operations by integrating seamlessly with your GRC tool.

Your Obligations, Automatically Generated

Targeted to Your Firm
Ascent filters out regulatory white noise, getting you to the right obligations that matter to your business, almost instantly.

Granular and Precise
Your obligations are precise and granular, meaning each one equals the individual requirement your firm must comply with, not an entire rule or large block of text.

Dynamically Updates
Static or outdated obligations are useless. Ascent updates your obligations automatically every time a rule changes, for your immediate review.

Learn about Ascent's Approach

ING and CommBank

generated their obligations for a European regulation (MiFID/MiFID II) in 2.5 minutes, compared to 1,800 hours when done manually.

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A Single Source of Regulatory Truth

Bridge Organizational Divides
Siloed teams and processes are prone to gaps. Ascent unites your people, ensuring they’re always working off the same data, even as rules change.

Avoid Black Boxes
Your requirements shouldn’t be a mystery. Ascent gives you 360 degree visibility into every obligation and lets you trace each one back to the exact rule it came from.

Evidence Compliance
Easily show proof of compliance to auditors or the Board. Every activity is meticulously tracked and recorded per industry standards.

A Global Bank

achieved 99% cost reduction and 30% time savings in regulatory change triage across the business.

Read Their Story

Be Compliance-Ready from Day 1

Rapid Deployment
Unlike legacy tools or traditional service engagements that can take months to implement, Ascent is ready for your immediate use.

No Implementation Costs
There are no additional implementation costs, API costs, or hidden fees.

Easy to Scale
Whether your business complies with a couple regulators or hundreds, Ascent is your partner in untangling complex regulation into a streamlined process that scales with you.

Platform Features

Obligations Register

An easy-to-read digital register of your firm’s regulatory obligations. Automatically generated and kept up-to-date by Ascent.

Rule Compare

A side-by-side comparison of the new and former versions of a rule, with the changes redlined. 

Rule Inventory

A living library of all laws, rules, and regulations. Find information quickly with powerful search and filtering.

Auto-Impact Assessment

Relevant rule updates are surfaced automatically. Any changes to your existing obligations are marked for your review.

Horizon Scanning Feed

A continuous feed of regulatory documents. Download, share, and mark important documents for review.

Workflow & Assignment Tools

Work your obligations as bite-sized, actionable tasks. Assign teammates, add notes, and track deadlines.

Built-in Flexibility  — Work the Way You Want

Manage Obligations in Ascent

Work your obligations as bite-sized, actionable tasks. Assign teammates, add notes, and track deadlines so you can make sure the right things get done.

Leverage Ascent Data via API

Using a different GRC or internal system to manage your obligations? Seamlessly connect Ascent data to other enterprise platforms via API.

Turn compliance into a competitive advantage

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