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Obligations Library

All your obligations, generated for you.

Build a sustainable, bulletproof compliance program that scales.

Know your obligations.

A dynamic list of obligations that apply to you are automatically generated, leaving a much more narrowed list for human review – and with near-zero manual effort required.

Instantly see the impact of rule changes.

Ascent indicates whether a rule change impacts your existing obligations. As new rule changes are published, your obligations are automatically updated for your review.

360° context helps you better understand and interpret your obligations. 

Each obligation automatically links related rules and associated documents, including guidance, clarifications, definitions, and exceptions — all in one, intuitive view.

Manage your obligations with workflow tools.

Obligations are displayed as bite-sized actionable tasks — assign teammates, add notes, and track deadlines so you can make sure the right work gets done.

Gain complete confidence in your compliance program.

Minimize Manual Work & Errors

Ditch the spreadsheets. With your obligations digitally generated, you’ll save hundreds of hours of manual work while reducing errors.


Your ability to audit every step is crucial. Ascent meticulously records every activity completed in the system so you can confidently demonstrate compliance. 

Reduced Complexity

The more complex your business, the greater the regulatory burden. Ascent makes your complicated world simpler by automatically mapping your obligations across business lines.


Your ability to audit every step is crucial. Ascent links regulatory documents, rule changes, and your actual obligations together for a fully traceable compliance flow.

Single Source of Truth

Your dynamic list of obligations serves as your single source of truth and the foundation of your compliance program.

Security and Scalability

Best-in-class security meets a scalable system that works for firms and teams of all sizes.