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Law Firms

Spend more time on strategic compliance management consulting and less time on regulatory admin work with Ascent RegTech. 

Cut through the clutter

Cut through the clutter of irrelevant regulations. Establish a single, reliable source of regulatory truth.

Stay ahead of regulations

Stay ahead of regulations by building a comprehensive register of obligations to ensure compliance.

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency and scalability by removing the need to consider or research non-applicable regulations.

Leave an audit trail

Prove compliance by tracking & recording compliance activities; easily generate proof of compliance for auditors.

Map compliance

Map compliance to internal policies, procedures, and operations by integrating seamlessly with your GRC tool.

Reduce Time spent on Regulatory Admin Work

Competition is fierce. Your ability to identify the regulatory rules relevant to your clients’ businesses—and their obligations under those rules—can be a significant differentiator. Ensuring clients stay up to date on regulatory changes and their obligations under the new rules, no matter how often they occur, that’s a true value-add. Seize the ability to provide a rock-solid, dynamic, and continually updated regulatory strategy to your clients.

Benefit of Ascent for Law Firms

  • Deploys almost immediately 
  • Cost-effective to enable competitive fee models 
  • Reduces non-billable hours 
  • Centralizes compliance requirements by firm 
  • Minimizes client risk 
  • Maximizes client’s ability to safely seize growth opportunities

Reduce Non-Billable Hours and Differentiate Your Service Offering

Financial services clients are increasingly less willing to pay for regulatory research.

Ascent identifies the regulatory obligations and rule changes targeted to each financial firm you serve in real time, and keeps them up to date automatically, enabling you to focus on more important work like developing regulatory strategy without reducing the quality and accuracy of your output.

Set Your Practice Apart

As the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly complex for your clients, Ascent empowers you to differentiate your service by surfacing automatic regulatory obligations and rule changes tailored to each firm. Keep your clients compliant for a fraction of the cost while freeing up your time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Let Ascent Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Reduce your bank’s regulatory and reputational risk while lowering compliance costs with Ascent Regtech’s financial services compliance software.

Quickly Take Action on Regulatory Tasks

Ascent converts dense regulatory text into bite-sized tasks to eliminate days of manual scanning, reduce risk of human error and empower immediate action.

Demonstrate Continuous Compliance

Your obligations in Ascent are always up to date, helping you avoid gaps and demonstrate how your firm maintains compliance to regulatory boards.

Maximize Your Greatest Asset

Without having to spend hours or days analyzing regulatory text, your people can focus on designing regulatory strategy and building a culture where compliance is the driver or growth.

Scale Firm Growth With Ease

Enter new markets or add products or services with confidence, knowing Ascent keeps you and your team fully informed of all relevant compliance requirements.

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From chaos to compliance confidence.

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