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Scenario Planning

Accelerate and de-risk expansion into new jurisdictions or service offerings by quickly identifying the exact obligations that apply to those activities.

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Capitalize on New Opportunities

Ensure that understanding the compliance requirements of new acquisitions, territories, product lines, and service offerings is never a roadblock to expansion. A solution that includes scenario planning saves money when compared to third-party assessments that are already out of date when you receive them.

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Find Rules Applicable to Your Business

The impact questionnaire guides you to identify the laws and regulations applicable to your expanded business offering. Through a series of related questions, you’ll identify the entire inventory of applicable obligations. Ascent also provides a glossary of regulatory terms and definitions to guide your answers.

Drill Down into Your Specific Obligations

Once you have the full obligations inventory, the platform selects only the specific obligations that will apply to your firm in its expanded state, whether that’s a new service offering or business line, or in a new jurisdiction.

Act on New Regulations

Your new obligations are automatically applied to your compliance environment; you’re compliance-ready the moment you pull the trigger on your new venture.

Ensure you’re ready for new business opportunities.

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