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Obligations Inventory

To effectively manage regulatory risk, it’s imperative to understand the regulatory obligations by which you’re bound. How your firm identifies those obligations can make or break your regulatory risk management and compliance program.

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Cut Through the Noise

Get to the heart of your obligations without sifting through mountains regulatory text that’s irrelevant to your business entity, jurisdiction, or product and service offerings.

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Start with Our Impact Questionnaire

Through Ascent’s impact questionnaire, you’ll easily identify laws and regulations that apply to your business. A series of related questions surfaces the relevant inventory of applicable obligations. Ascent also provides a glossary of regulatory terms and definitions to guide your answers.

Drill Down into Your Specific Obligations

Once you have the full obligations inventory, the platform selects only the specific obligations that will apply to your firm in its expanded state, whether that’s a new service offering or business line, or in a new jurisdiction.

See how you can meet obligations more easily and more effectively.

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