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Streamline compliance processes, even in complex multi-jurisdictional operating environments

Cut through the regulatory clutter. Identify only the specific regulatory information you need to stay compliant.

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Superior Compliance Technology to Keep Your Organization Regulation Ready

Precisely identify only the regulations that apply to your business, no matter how often they change.

Pinpoint your specific obligations under each federal, state, or municipal rule.

Get tailored obligation inventories mapped to your businesses, products, services, or entities.

Cut through the clutter

of irrelevant regulations. Establish a single, reliable source of regulatory truth.

Stay ahead of regulations

by building a comprehensive register of obligations to ensure compliance.

Maximize efficiency and the ability to scale

by removing the need to consider or research non-applicable regulations.

Map compliance to internal policies, procedures, and operations

by integrating seamlessly with your GRC tool.

Financial Firms that Trust Ascent
Obligations Library

Get an automatically generated, up-to-date, easy-to-read digital register of your firm’s regulatory obligations that keeps you ahead of regulatory change.

Rule Compare

Take the pain out of regulatory changes with a side-by-side comparison of the new and former versions of a rule, with changes redlined.

Horizon Scanning

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s regulatory requirements to make more informed decisions on new products or services.

Scenario Planning

Know the compliance obligations that will apply in any acquisition or expansion effort with Ascent’s powerful scenario planning software.

Audit Trail

Know exactly where you stand in the event of an audit with Ascent’s comprehensive dashboard view of your active obligations.

Gain Compliance Confidence with Ascent’s Suite of Regulatory Change Management Tools

Obligations Management

Run your entire compliance program from a centralized location that includes customizable risk taxonomy, powerful filters, easy to act upon obligations and audit trail capabilities.

Regulatory Change Management

Empower compliance teams to take action immediately on new and updated obligations without first spending hours sifting through regulatory PDFs.

Regulatory Coverage Bundles Built for Your Industry


Banking leaders cite regulatory compliance as one of their most pressing challenges. Ascent helps you mitigate risk while keeping costs down so you can focus on doing better business.

Consulting & Advisory Firms

Spend more time on strategic compliance management consulting and less time on regulatory admin work with Ascent.


Gather all your state and federal requirements in one place, down to the smallest detail, and surface only what you need to do to remain compliant.

GRCs & FinTech

Gather all your customer’s state and federal requirements in one place, down to the smallest detail, and surface only what you need to do to remain compliant.

Turn compliance into a competitive advantage

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