Why Ascent

Ascent is like having the world's best regulatory analyst on your staff.

Think of Ascent as your personal regulatory analyst — one that never sleeps and never misses an important regulatory update.

Crunches through the most time-intensive and error-prone parts of compliance.

Manually researching and tracking your changing obligations is not only tedious, it leaves your business vulnerable to risk. Powered by artificial intelligence, Ascent does automatically what takes people hundreds or even thousands of hours to do.

Tells you the obligations and rules changes that apply to you.

Other solutions are only partially automated, leaving you to determine your obligations manually. Ascent fully automates this process.

Helps you achieve full traceability.

Ascent both curates your obligations and houses them in a powerful platform where you can manage them from start to finish. The result is a fully traceable compliance process that supports end-to-end compliance.

With Ascent, I can see everything that’s happening in my compliance program. We’ve saved hundreds of hours of manual work, allowing us to redirect our critical time and resources towards developing regulatory strategy.

Tammy Naughton Sullivan

Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director, RCM Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get started?

Once you complete your business profile, Ascent rapidly maps regulation to your firm. Your dashboard is automatically populated with the obligations and rule changes that apply to you, so that you can get up and running in days, not months.

How does Ascent use automation to make my job easier?

Ascent uses artificial intelligence to deliver your exact obligations, saving you the trouble of manually trawling regulator websites and painstakingly compiling information. By automating the most tedious aspects of regulatory development, Ascent frees your people up to do the things only people can do, like counseling your colleagues, working with the lines of business, and addressing high-risk compliance issues. Ascent makes your firm more, not less, human.

What sets Ascent's technology apart?

Ascent is the market leader in developing RegulationAI™ — artificial intelligence built specifically for the regulatory domain. It’s what allows the Ascent platform to both generate and house all of your obligations, automatically. Read this blog post to learn more about Ascent’s RegulationAI™.

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