Regulatory change is accelerating.
Personal liability is on the rise.

Reallocate your scarce resources to better protect your company

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Compliance teams today are expected to do more with less.

Myth: Exhaustive manual review is the most defensible approach to compliance.

Fact: Technology is cheaper, more complete, and more accurate than raw human effort. It's been widely adopted by major law firms and is a vital component of a modern compliance program.

Myth: Starting from scratch is the only way to implement a new compliance strategy

Fact: Our platform seamlessly merges with your existing regulatory process, advancing your compliance program from precarious struggle to peace of mind.

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  • CFTC
  • CME
  • CBOT
  • CBOE
  • ICE
  • GIPS
  • NFA
  • SEC
  • ESMA
  • GDPR

You’re in control - select your services, pay per user.

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Free yourself to focus on the things only a human can do!

Ascent automates the most frustrating, expensive, and error-prone components of a compliance program.

Save your time and effort for the critically human aspects of compliance like counseling your colleagues, working with other control functions, and addressing high-risk compliance issues.

Find Your Freedom

Advance your compliance program. Protect your business.

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