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Innovation is your game, but nothing brings progress to a screeching halt faster than a regulatory misstep. Ascent builds the foundation of your compliance program so you can grow with confidence.

Enhance Your Tools with Regulatory Data

Streamline your compliance operation end-to-end through seamless integration of Ascent with your GRC and other workflow tools. You’ll populate your GRC tool with targeted requirements and citations, with the ability to map them to your internal controls, policies
and procedures.

Because Ascent flows requirement additions and updates relevant to your business into your GRC for your immediate review, you’ll never miss an important rule change—or any rule change at all.

Benefit of Integrating with Ascent

  • Deploys almost immediately
  • Cost-effective and enables competitive fee models for providers
  • Supports automation through Ascent’s data structure
  • Triggers change alerts and related workflows in GRC
  • Enables proactive preparation for regulatory changes and new rules

Increase Speed to Market

Your business grows only as quickly as you can wrangle your compliance requirements. Ascent uses AI-driven technology to quickly and accurately generate the individual obligations targeted to your business. For any move you make in the market, Ascent helps you stay in total compliance with the law.

Knowledge is Power

What happens when you don’t know what you don’t know? Ascent hones in on the right information, taking the uncertainty out of compliance. 

Rapid Deployment

You’re working with shorter timelines than most. With Ascent, you’ll have your exact compliance obligations in hand within days, not months.

Purpose-Built Automation

To build an effective compliance program, you need real automation, not AI-as-a-buzzword. Ascent is third-party validated, getting you real, verifiable results.

Control Compliance Costs

Between balancing your P&L, working with investors, and acquiring customers, costs are always top of mind. When you have limited resources, every dollar spent is crucial. Ascent helps you comply better and more cost-effectively, freeing up time, money and resources for growing market share.

Run Lean

Ascent automates the bulk of regulatory admin work so you can run lean internally without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Less Outside Spending

Billable hours add up. Leverage the expertise of outside counsel for true strategic and regulatory advice, not performing hours of rote research.

Transparent Pricing

Pay only for what you use. Unlike legacy tools, Ascent has no implementation fees, no service fees, and no customization fees.

Maximize Market Potential

One of the most important evaluations your future investors will make is the level of potential risks to your business — especially regulatory risk. Put their minds at ease by proving that you’re investing in a smart, scalable compliance strategy that will get the thumbs up from regulators.

Minimized Risk

It’s not enough to be in compliance today — you need to be able to anticipate and avoid future risks too. Ascent ensures you’re always ten steps ahead of regulatory change.

Growth Opportunities

Investors want to know how you plan to create more value. Unlock new growth opportunities by understanding exactly how to navigate regulatory waters.

Innovation Partner

One of your advantages is your ability to innovate. Ascent is right there with you, ensuring you have a modern approach to compliance from the start.

Turn compliance into a competitive advantage

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