Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) Compliance

The GIPS standards are ethical standards used by investment managers and enforced by the SEC. GIPS provides guidelines around creating performance presentations that ensure fair representation and full disclosure of investment performance results to prospective clients.

Because the GIPS standards have become so widely accepted, an asset manager who is non-compliant may be at a competitive disadvantage.

We help you gain complete control over GIPS compliance.

Ascent offers GIPS compliance software. Our Regulation AI extracts your firm’s GIPS obligations from oceans of regulatory text and distills them down into daily tasks. This targeted intelligence streamlines your horizon scanning and change management processes, ensuring you never miss an important detail.

Then, ensure completeness using Ascent’s full set of compliance management tools. The result is a traceable, end-to-end GIPS compliance solution that helps you on the path towards 100% compliance.

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