Senior Data Scientist – NLP Specialist

Who We Are

Ascent helps its customers follow laws and regulations. We are a new type of company, a “RegTech” organization that combines a SaaS platform with intelligent content to provide customized tools and targeted advice for our customers. We’re using modern techniques like machine learning and predictive analytics to stay at the forefront of our industry.

We are looking for experienced, passionate data scientists to help us build and maintain models that help solve a wide variety of problems. As a Senior Data Scientist and NLP Specialist at Ascent, you will be focused on creatively applying truly cutting edge research, including a variety of deep learning approaches, to our hardest problems, as well as mentoring less experienced data scientists. You may be thinking about novel ways of applying different language models to the Regulatory domain, or better ways of representing additional context and knowledge alongside text in sequential models. You’ll be expected to understand NLP at a fundamental level and use that understanding to create original and effective solutions. You’ll also help us think about the ethics of the models we build and how we can lead by example in the way we do our work.

Your day-to-day work will include working closely with business users, our regulation content team, and the rest of our data scientists and engineers to: a) use state-of-the-art NLP to automate significant sections of the workflow involved in onboarding and managing regulations; b) uncover novel features and information from text to enable new product features (e.g. finding related groups of regulation across regulators); c) deploy, monitor, and maintain models to actually solve problems in production; and d) experiment with creative solutions to problems that use new research and tools and disseminate new knowledge to the team.

We primarily use the Python data ecosystem, including both scikit-learn and Keras+Tensorflow, but we are open to all tools. We use all kinds of models, including deep learning and non-deep learning; we prefer to use the simplest tool that accomplishes the goal. We have a strong bias towards containerization, internal transparency, and simplicity to facilitate maintainable systems. We also place a high premium on our culture and values, both within the tech team and the company as a whole. We believe a diversity of opinions and perspectives creates a stronger team and product, and we are committed to an equal opportunity hiring process.

Who You Are

You will use state-of-the-art NLP to create domain-specific models and solutions on regulatory text to make our customers’ lives easier. As a data scientist at Ascent, you’ll have a direct impact on our most challenging and important business metrics.


  • Work with non-technical colleagues to design and build machine learning models that accomplish specific tasks, with a heavy focus on NLP – splitting, summarization, classification, entity recognition, similarity scoring, recommendation, etc
  • Cross validate and test models prior to deployment, and monitor model accuracy in production
  • Employ production-quality coding standards / best-practices even during model training and prototyping
  • Help educate others in the company about machine learning and data science so that they can think productively about possible solutions to their business problems
  • Stay current on machine learning research and tools
  • Prioritize minimum viable models / solutions over complicated models / solutions
  • Think about NLP fundamentals and use your intuition to apply cutting-edge NLP research to our most difficult problems
  • Mentor less experienced data scientists

Minimum Skills and Experience

  • 3+ years solving business problems using data science
  • 2+ years building NLP models that were used to transform text in production pipelines
  • 1+ year using sequential deep learning models or similar on text problems
  • Experience with large data sets and modern tools for handling them such as Apache Spark
  • Experience with both supervised and unsupervised learning approaches
  • A thorough understanding of the mathematical underpinnings of common models
  • Experience developing creative modeling solutions given a set of business requirements and delivering that value to the business
  • Ability to work productively on small teams and manage workstreams independently if needed
  • Proficient in SQL, *nix CLI tools (grep/sed/awk/BASH, etc), and Python
  • Experience deploying and maintaining code using git-based tools and operating in a continuous deployment/integration environment
  • Experience writing thorough tests and documentation for maintainable code-bases

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • 3+ years building NLP models that were used to transform text in production pipelines
  • 2+ years of experience using NLP to drive process automation
  • Uncommonly strong statistical and mathematical background
  • Educational background in Computational Linguistics or similar
  • Experience with models in the context of “fast data” tools like DC/OS or other similar architectures and tools


Ascent employees enjoy many benefits and perks, including:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical, dental, vision, mental health insurance – with premiums fully paid by Ascent
  • 401K offered
  • Unlimited PTO and Bank Holidays
  • Flexible work schedule
  • As much RAM as you can fit in a Macbook Pro
  • Professional development stipend
  • Top floor office in Prudential Plaza with an amazing view of the park/lake and Pedway access
  • The opportunity to work with smart people on challenging problems!


We’re excited to hear from you! Please send resume and cover letter to