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About Us

Reasonable regulation is an important part of the free market, protecting consumers and leveling the playing field. But due to their complexity and sheer volume, regulations often feel more like a punitive burden. Ascent is reducing the cost of compliance to encourage innovation, help existing companies stay in business, and make it possible for new companies to get started. The efficient intelligence we provide helps companies fulfill the spirit (and letter) of their obligations in a way that lets them breathe easy and focus on creating value for their own customers through their core business.

What is RegTech?

RegTech is short for Regulatory Technology. RegTech has become much more prominent recently, partly thanks to advances in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. We’re now able to work with big swaths of text in ways that weren’t available even a couple years ago. These cutting edge technologies are core to Ascent’s approach.

What solution is Ascent providing?

Ascent has created an end-to-end compliance platform to automate the frustrating, expensive, error-prone aspects of compliance. We want to free Compliance Officers to spend their time and effort on the critically human aspects of compliance.

We target the regulations to each individual customer. When someone signs up for Ascent, they use a simple checklist to tell us about their business. From there, we create a custom workflow with only the regulations that apply to them.

This workflow is a full project management platform, allowing our customers to track all their compliance activities. They can assign and complete tasks, and add notes and supporting documentation. And with all their activity tracked in one place, it’s easy to send a report to the regulator at any time.

Ascent also helps our customers stay on top of changing regulations. We automatically update our customers’ workflows whenever the regulator updates the rules.

What technology is Ascent building?

We think of ourselves as the next generation of SaaS products. We’re building a project management platform (traditional SaaS) but we’re also filling it with data to create Intelligence-as-a-Service. The data is really where we shine — through a collaboration of technologists, data scientists, compliance officers, and lawyers, we’ve built software that deeply understands the regulations. This system is a complex combination of machine learning, natural language processing, algorithms, scripts, and human-in-the-loop manual effort. Much of our current effort is focused on improving this system, so we can support new regulators more quickly. The more regulators we have on our platform, the more customers we can help!

Who are your customers?

While our technology will be applicable in any industry, we want to be great at one thing before we try to do two things - so, we’re currently focused on financial service companies. We serve everyone from small trading companies with a single compliance officer, to global banks where the Chief Compliance Officer has a staff of dozens or hundreds. While the amount of regulation varies across these customers, the basic compliance process is the same.

What do compliance officers do?

The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for all compliance activity. Their job breaks down into a few different components:

  • Read the regulations and figure out what their company needs to do. This is different for every company. For example, a company trading metals doesn’t need to worry about rules for corn futures.
  • Constantly monitor and document what the company is doing to stay compliant.
  • Report back to the regulator every quarter, providing documentation to prove the company is compliant.

Plus a couple complicating factors:

  • The regulators can make random requests for additional information, which they do on a monthly or even weekly basis.
  • The rules can change at any time. While any individual regulator might only make a handful of changes per year, even small companies are often regulated by 5-10+ regulators so these changes add up quickly.

Why do Compliance Officers need help?

Many compliance tasks are currently performed in a slow, manual, expensive manner. Many of them are outsourced to law firms, at large expense. Regulations are only growing, and compliance officers are being forced to do more with less. Sometimes they’re even personally liable if they miss something — talk about pressure! Compliance officers often use excel or sticky notes as their system of record, technologies that are ill-equipped to match the complexity of the job.

Working at Ascent

As trailblazers in our space we’re searching for people passionate about building new and innovative products, who aren’t afraid of challenging the status quo. People with an a thirst for knowledge and the tenacity to solve generations-old problems. People who think critically about problems, potential solutions, constraints, and goals — and then do whatever they can to help the team succeed.

We’re searching for people who share our fundamental values:

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Customer Obsession

Everyone brings a unique set of skills and talents, and we want to take advantage of everything you have to offer. We also want to make sure you get as much out of this opportunity as you put in, and we’ll give you the support you need for Ascent to be a transformational period of growth in your career.

Our team enjoys a number of benefits and perks, including:

  • Competitive compensation

  • Medical, dental, vision, mental health insurance - with premiums fully paid by Ascent

  • Whatever hardware and software you need to be effective

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Professional development stipend

  • Office in Prudential Plaza with an amazing view of the park/lake and pedway access

  • The opportunity to work with smart people on challenging problems!

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We’re actively looking to fill the following roles:


Senior Rails Developer

You'll play an important role across the board in our technology, product, process, and culture. You'll be growing our core platform, including both customer-facing and internal tools, as well as laying the technical foundation of the company to support future growth and expansion.

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Regulatory Intelligence Analyst

Be an integral part of improving our regulatory content and pipeline. As a regulatory intelligence analyst you'll apply legal skill and analytical thinking to create operational efficiency and exceptional content for our customers.

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Senior Python Developer

You'll play an important role across the board in our technology, product, process, and culture. You'll be growing our core platform, including both customer-facing and internal tools, as well as laying the technical foundation of the company to support future growth and expansion.

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Senior Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer

Create the platforms and ecosystems to orchestrate our data science, from data management through model development and productionization.

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Senior Data Scientist - NLP Specialist

Use state-of-the-art NLP to create domain-specific models and solutions on regulatory text to make our customers' lives easier. As a data scientist at Ascent, you'll have a direct impact on our most challenging and important business metrics.

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Reference Document Analyst

As part of this unique team, you will play an important role in innovating and finding solutions to process data faster using different platforms, contribute to and improve our current pipeline, all while delivering accurate data to customers.

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Product Manager

Do you see clarity above all the chaos? Do you enjoy making the users’ lives easier? Do you think laws and regulations should be more accessible, so that people actually follow them? Then you have come to the right place...

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Compliance Change Engineer

Being a “Compliance Changineer”, you will help our clients transition from manual processes to automated processes and ensure that they are successful with the Ascent platform.

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HR Generalist

Lead all of Ascent’s core HR functions, including recruiting, administration, diversity & inclusion, training, and HR compliance

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