At Ascent, we use AI technologies to de-complicate financial regulation, making it easier for Risk and Compliance teams everywhere to keep their firms above board.

We use two primary forms of technology:

Risk and Compliance officers are intimately familiar with the rigamarole of regulatory development. It’s a labor-intensive process of manually researching regulation and rule changes and identifying which apply to the business — one that becomes increasingly more difficult as your business spans across different products, markets, and/or jurisdictions.

Now imagine all that heavy lifting being done for you. That’s the magic of Ascent’s RegulationAI™.

Built with technologies like NLP and ML, Ascent ingests hundreds of regulations and rapidly determines which obligations apply to your business — with zero manual effort required from you.

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RegulationAI™ is the How. Now for the What.

Built with the how of RegulationAI™, Ascent acts as a digital brain that cares only about compliance.

This digital brain — a true innovation in regulatory technology — powers the entire Ascent platform.

With this digital brain at its core, Ascent provides regulatory knowledge tailored to your firm, all within a flexible yet powerful platform that lets you manage your obligations from start to finish.

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That’s the power of automation.

Great technology augments your team. With Ascent, Risk and Compliance teams can focus on the high-value activities that matter most, without the constant worry of accidentally missing an important update or keeping records that will stand up to regulator scrutiny.

Ascent helps you manage regulatory change with confidence while providing the flexible infrastructure you need to achieve end-to-end compliance.


Modern challenges require modern tools. Interested in seeing how Ascent can help you achieve total confidence in your compliance program? Request a demo below.

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