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Manage your obligations from start to finish.

Leverage the full power of Ascent for end-to-end compliance.

Know every obligation your business is required to comply with.

Get your complete obligations register automatically, saving you hundreds of hours of regulatory research and analysis.

Manage your obligations for full traceability.

All your obligations, daily compliance tasks, and internal controls are linked together in one place, giving you unparalleled visibility and control over your regulatory environment.

Demonstrate compliance without breaking a sweat.

Instant auditing and reporting tools track every activity so you can confidently prove compliance when auditors come knocking.


Includes all the features of Ascent Change Management:

Regulatory Change Feed

A feed of regulatory changes that apply to you. See which of your obligations were changed, added or deleted due to the change.

Impact Analysis

Get notified when a rule change could impact your controls, policies & procedures.

Rule Compare

Easily visualize the differences between new and previous versions of a rule with a side-by-side comparison.

Searchable Library

A constantly-updating, centralized library of regulator documents. Search by keyword or filter by regulator, date, or type of document.

Plus these additional features:

Dynamic Obligations Register

Every obligation your business is required to comply with, along with due dates, related rules, and other helpful information.

Obligations Manager

Assign team members, add notes, attach documents, and track progress. Tag and group tasks according to your business.

Case Management

Track one-off issues, such as requests from an auditor or regulator, internal investigations, or responses to a customer.


An automatically-generated audit trail of every activity in the platform, meticulously maintained per industry standards.

Ascent helps you build a bulletproof compliance program with these benefits:

Zero Manual Effort to Compile Your Obligations

Ascent dynamically populates with your complete obligations register automatically.

Full Traceability

Obligations are linked to your uploaded controls, enabling you to trace rule changes through to your P&Ps.

Global Regulatory Coverage

Ascent supports regulators around the world in the US, UK, Asia, and Australia.

Flexible Integration

Use our API to connect Ascent data to your own external GRC or other systems.

Data Centralization

No more wrangling information from different sources. Ascent consolidates all rules, regulations, and regulatory documents in one place.

Security & Scalability

Best-in-class security meets a scaleable system that works for firms and teams of all sizes.

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