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Ascent for Mortgage Lenders

Enable Your Business Growth Into New Markets with a Compliance Tool That Keeps Up

Manage your compliance regulations across markets, geographies and offerings. Ascent automatically gathers your requirements in one place, down to the smallest detail, so you can be confident in your compliance program.

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Overcome Compliance Challenges

The compliance challenges facing mortgage lenders often build upon each other, but can lead to stagnated business growth and overspending.

Lack of one, centralized information hub

Managing multiple state & federal regulatory feeds is difficult enough. Throw in business expansion into the mix and the chances for human error increase–not to mention fines.

Under-resourced compliance teams

Your compliance team does it all. They juggle multiple regulatory feeds while weeding through tons of unnecessary information to get to the heart of what your firm needs to do to stay compliant. But as your firm grows, they need help in order to keep pace with rapid business growth.

Overspending on outsourcing

Seeking outsourced help is a common practice for mortgage lenders to achieve peace of mind. But it’s often unnecessary and costly.

Let Compliance Fuel Your Growth Engine

Understand exactly what you need to do to stay compliant as your business needs grow more complex.

Unlock your growth potential

As your firm grows, you need a compliance solution that grows with you. Address new regulatory requirements and control expenses as your firm expands into new markets, geographies and offerings.

Centralize your requirements

Gather and consolidate your requirements automatically in real-time to make decisions with confidence and precision.

Simplify your compliance program

Know exactly what you need to do without manually wading through pages and pages of legal text. Get to the heart of your obligation, and spend more time on the critical tasks.

Solutions for Mortgage Lenders

Ascent’s robust features are built to support Mortgage Lending, Mortgage Servicing, Mortgage Origination or Mortgage Brokers through a custom compliance bundle to fit your unique needs. Take advantage of Ascent’s Core RegPack, or add one of our related RegPacks for added compliance support.

Learn about our pricing package and schedule a demo to see if Ascent can help you.

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Is Your Regulatory Risk Management Strategy Missing Critical Obligations? 

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Comply more efficiently and accurately with Ascent’s AI.

Ascent converted 1.5 million paragraphs of regulatory text into a series of bite-size, actionable tasks. This allowed us to quickly identify terms in the regulation that we needed to review and act upon – a process that would have taken days of manual scanning.

Director, CommBank

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