Ascent for Law Firms

Set your practice apart with world-class compliance automation

Ascent generates the regulatory obligations and rule changes targeted to each financial firm you serve. Deliver exceptional results, at a fraction of the cost.

More Counseling. Less Regulatory Admin Work.

Know every obligation and rule change that applies to your client, in real time.

Ascent identifies your client’s regulatory obligations and keeps them up-to-date automatically.

Reduce Non-Billable Hours.

Clients are getting less and less willing to pay for regulatory research. Ascent helps you reduce non-billable hours so you can offer competitive, alternative fee arrangements that make your clients happier.

Create Cost-Effective Work Product

Deliver work product at competitive rates. Ascent helps you 10x your efficiency while improving the overall quality and accuracy of your output.

Be the partner your clients count on to stay in compliance.

[RegTech like Ascent helps us be] more efficient and effective over the long-term. From a legal adviser’s perspective, it means that more time and resources can be spent on helping clients develop regulatory strategy.

Luke Scanlon, Pinsent Masons

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