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Ascent for Banks

Rise above complex regulation to gain (and keep) an edge

Banking leaders cite regulatory compliance as one of their most pressing challenges. Ascent helps you mitigate risk while keeping costs down so you can focus on doing better business.

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Shatter the Status Quo

For too long, your only option has been to deploy more resources to understand your firm’s compliance obligations. But no longer. Ascent uses AI to pinpoint the individual requirements targeted to your business, creating massive savings while ensuring you have most accurate information possible.

Cost-Effective Automation

Manual regulatory admin work is expensive and prone to error. Ascent’s AI delivers greater accuracy, at a fraction of the cost

Rapid Implementation

You can’t wait 6 months or more to get off the ground. Ascent deploys almost immediately, so your team can get to work.

Compliance, Transformed

You’re future-proofing your business by investing in smart compliance. Ascent takes you leaps and bounds up the path of digital transformation.

Reduce Regulatory and Reputational Risk

Banks worldwide were fined $15B for compliance issues in 2020 alone, but penalties are only one part of the story. Executives cite business disruption, loss of productivity, and reputation damage as having even greater impacts on their bottom line. Ascent helps you avoid these potentially crippling consequences of non-compliance.

Unified Risk Management

Siloed lines of defense won’t cut it. Ascent ensures your entire team is working off the same information, at 10x the efficiency.

Continuous Compliance

Never be caught off guard by a rule change. Your obligations in Ascent are always up-to-date so you can shore up gaps.

Evidenced and Auditable

Regulator and Board scrutiny are on the rise. Ascent ensures you can demonstrate how your firm is in compliance, at all times. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

At the same time that traditional banking is being disrupted by FinTechs, digital assets, and other emerging technologies, regulators are expanding their authority with heightened focus on how banks operate in a digital world. Today’s leaders need a strong compliance foundation that’s capable of adapting quickly to changing regulation.

Proactive Compliance

Reactive compliance only gets you so far. Ascent helps your team spot issues a mile away so you can quickly adapt to changing markets and regulations.

Maximized Efficiency

Your people are your strongest asset. Free them to do the work only people can do, such as designing regulatory strategy and building a strong culture of compliance.

Scalable Growth

As your business grows, Ascent grows with you. Add new products or enter new markets with confidence, knowing your team is fully informed of compliance requirements.

Comply more efficiently and accurately with Ascent’s AI.

Ascent converted 1.5 million paragraphs of regulatory text into a series of bite-size, actionable tasks. This allowed us to quickly identify terms in the regulation that we needed to review and act upon – a process that would have taken days of manual scanning.

Director, CommBank

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