Ascent API

Powerful knowledge meets flexible integration

Seamlessly and securely connect your regulatory obligations to your enterprise systems.

API Overview

Ascent delivers regulatory knowledge in the form of targeted rule updates and obligations for financial firms, allowing users to monitor, track and manage regulatory changes that are applicable to their business. This knowledge can be consumed directly in the Ascent front-end platform or in the customer’s existing systems via API.

The Ascent API creates a seamless connection between Ascent’s regulatory knowledge set and the customer’s GRC or other compliance workflow systems. Ascent’s knowledge serves as an anchor point for tracking downstream policies and procedures, controls and all actions taken with respect to a particular obligation.

Our API includes:

  • All rules contained within regulatory rulebooks. This includes regulatory changes and new rules.
  • All obligations within those rules which are mapped to the customer’s profile using Ascent’s RegulationAI™. This includes regulatory changes to those mapped obligations as well as new obligations which are created from new or updated rules.
  • Any other obligations that the customer creates, independent of Ascent’s mapping technology.

Ascent is your partner in achieving end-to-end compliance.


The Ascent API can be used to facilitate connections to downstream controls, policies & procedures, and final execution in other systems or tools.


The API connection allows for easy visualization of status and ownership of rule changes, as well as their effects on the customer’s policies & procedures.


Use only the data you need. Users can also create custom data visualizations to better understand their regulatory landscape.


Using Ascent’s knowledge as an anchor point, users can assign work, trigger workflows, and verify competition in their GRCs or other compliance workflow systems. 

Single Source of Truth

Ascent reduces the time and effort of data transfer while improving accuracy and ease of distribution.

Auditability and Reporting

Using Ascent’s knowledge as an anchor point, reports can be generated in downstream GRCs or other compliance workflow systems. 

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